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Growth of Dance Theatre (05:09)


Arthur Mitchell teaches a ballet class. He speaks about this growing art form in America and how dance improves daily life. Mitchell began his career in Harlem.

Classical Ballet as a Base (04:36)

Classical ballet sets a strong technical base upon which modern movement and African themes can be added. Mitchell explains how discipline can transform a dance.

"Forces of Rhythm" and African Dance (04:20)

Mitchell discusses the inspiration behind his work and the productions happening in Milan.

Mix of African and European Techniques (03:18)

Mitchell explains his experimental mixing technique as a choreographer. He explains why artists do not make good businessmen.

Pas de Deux (04:30)

Mitchell talks about a piece that followed his year and a half break from dancing. He talks about what makes him feel alive. See him teach a class.

Credits: Arthur Mitchell (00:05)

Credits: Arthur Mitchell

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Arthur Mitchell

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Arthur Mitchell created the first African-American classical ballet company in the US, called Dance Theatre of Harlem. An award-winning ballet dancer and choreographer, Mitchell was the second African-American to dance with the New York City ballet—choreographer and director of the NYCB, George Balanchine created the pas de deux in Agon especially for Mitchell. In this documentary, Mitchell talks about the origins of ballet in United States during the rehearsal of his performance at Sforza Castle in Milan.

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