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Las Coronelas (03:59)


Jackie and Nina ride and celebrate their culture together; their teammates will be with them at the quinceanera. The team performs escaramuza.

Texas Style Quinceanera (04:41)

Jackie's dad Jimmy and Nina's mom Lettie meet to discuss the basic elements of the quinceanera. The girls shop for boots and dresses.

Cultural Celebrations (04:50)

Jimmy coaches the riding team. Nina attends mass at St. Paul's; she and her family members explain quinceaneras.

Fiesta San Antonio and Rehearsal (07:09)

Jackie, Nina, and their team participate in the Battle of Flowers Parade. Jimmy reflects on raising his daughters and the meaning of hard work. The Las Coronelas practice for the quinceanera.

Jackie and Nina's Quinceanera (06:46)

Jackie and Nina get ready for the celebration. The Las Coronelas perform a routine and the girls return in their quinceanera dresses. See footage of the evening celebration.

Credits: 15: A Quinceanera Story: Jackie and Nina (00:60)

Credits: 15: A Quinceanera Story: Jackie and Nina

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15: A Quinceañera Story: Jackie and Nina

Part of the Series : 15: A Quinceañera Story
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Best friends from San Antonio, Texas, Jackie and Nina's families have been in the United States for generations. They celebrate their Mexican heritage and a joint-quinceañera through the traditional Mexican rodeo, a horse-dancing display of escaramuza.

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