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Upcoming Quinceanera (04:23)


Ashley feels like a champion when she is boxing; her coach Margarito is a role model. Ashley and her mother Miriam sell tacos on Saturdays; Miriam is undocumented. The family saves to pay for Ashley's quinceanera and hopes for sponsors.

Training and Photo Shoot (03:59)

Ashley trains for her first official fight. While preparing for quince pictures, she and her mother look at pictures from Miriam's quinceanera. Ashley wears her boxing shoes for the pictures.

Father Figure (05:38)

Ashley wants Margarito to place the crown on her head; her real father was deported to Mexico. Margarito reflects on his immigration status; Ashley accompanies him to his immigration hearing.

Quinceanera and Fight Preparations (04:33)

Ashley and her grandmother Martha view the party space; Martha did not have a quinceanera. Margarito and Ashley shop for a crown; they train the day before Ashley's fight.

Fight Day and Practice (03:58)

Ashley participates in her first official fight; she wins by decision. Family members prepare the space for the quinceanera party and practice dancing.

Ashley's Quinceanera (04:03)

Ashley and her court take pictures in the park. See footage of the quinceanera ceremony and celebration.

Credits: 15: A Quinceanera Story: Ashley (01:13)

Credits: 15: A Quinceanera Story: Ashley

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15: A Quinceañera Story: Ashley

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While training for her amateur debut as a boxer in East Los Angeles, Ashley must navigate the pressures her family feels due to their immigration status: her mother is a Dreamer who came to the U.S. as a child and her father has been deported. As Ashley prepares for both her boxing match and her quinceañera, she worries her boxing coach may also face deportation and miss her special day.

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