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Ice Bucket Challenge (05:30)


In 2014, over 17 million people participated in the challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS. Peter Frates played baseball and was beloved by many; his parents and wife Julie recall his ALS diagnosis.

ALS Awareness (04:31)

ALS has no known cause or cure; Peter decided to try to raise $1 billion to fight ALS. Julie recalls her wedding vows and Peter walking her down the aisle; he communicates with his eyes. Peter used social media to introduce the ice bucket challenge.

Living with ALS (03:40)

Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with ALS at the height of his career. Peter continues to fight and enjoys being a father; he uses a tablet screen to communicate. The ice bucket challenge fundraising resulted in medical breakthroughs.

Osiel Mendoza (03:34)

A new drug is supposed to slow the progression of ALS by 33%; Mendoza recalls his diagnosis. Mendoza walked down the aisle with his wife Bella and shared their first dance. Peter continues to fight.

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Beyond the Bucket

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A former baseball player's fight against ALS lead to the ice bucket challenge, raising $220 million to combat the neurological disease. This ABC News film looks behind the challenge at Pete Frates and his courageous battle.

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