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Maritime Attorney (06:12)


Learn about the education and certifications necessary for this profession. Hear about cases often seen by maritime lawyers.

Hairdresser (06:32)

Hear about cosmetology school requirements necessary for this profession. Learn how chemistry and marketing are involved in hairstyling.

Deckhand (06:00)

Hear about the duties required of a deckhand, such as preparing the exterior of the boat, as well as necessary training. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Real Life 101: Maritime Attorney / Hairdresser / Deckhand (01:04)

Credits: Real Life 101: Maritime Attorney / Hairdresser / Deckhand

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Real Life 101: Maritime Attorney / Hairdresser / Deckhand

Part of the Series : Real Life 101
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Did you know that a different set of laws applies to accidents that happen on the sea in open water? Gracey will talk with a maritime attorney and learn how he applies these laws when working with clients who want to file a case against a cruise ship or boat. Then Shawn will visit a hair salon where he speaks with a hairdresser. He’ll learn why she chose this career and some of the skills involved in making her clients look great. And if you think you might like a career working on yachts and ocean cruising, you’ll enjoy Gracey’s interview with a person who makes her living as a deckhand.

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