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CPA (05:46)


Learn what a Certified Public Accountant does and how a person can prepare for this career through education, licensing, and experience.

Digital Archivist (06:30)

Hear about the background, qualities, and education that can help a person be successful in this field.

Makeup Artist (07:06)

Learn about the career of a professional makeup artists. In addition to education, and experience, staying ahead of trends is an important part of this job. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Real Life 101: CPA / Digital Archivist / Makeup Artist (00:40)

Credits: Real Life 101: CPA / Digital Archivist / Makeup Artist

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Real Life 101: CPA / Digital Archivist / Makeup Artist

Part of the Series : Real Life 101
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Gracey will start off by introducing us to a CPA as she learns how he was drawn to this career even though in high school he had no interest in accounting! Keeping memories alive and preserving documentation is important whether it is a historic document or an article or pictures of you and your friends. Shawn will talk to a digital archivist who gives us a glimpse into this career in library science. And if you’re into makeup, you’ll find there are lots of job opportunities when Gracey meets up with a makeup artist who specializes in weddings and TV.

Length: 22 minutes

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