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Jewish Participation in American Society: Introduction (01:31)


In this lecture, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik claims to Jonathan Silver that all of the other lectures will come together as he describes the different meanings of the Huppa and how it relates to the history of America.

The Meaning of the Huppa (08:35)

Rabbi Soloveichik reviews the lecture given on Jonas Phillips as well as the one given on the Biblical impact on American ideas. The Jewish Huppa has several different connotations and meanings which will be described during this lecture.

Democratizing Royalty, the Meaning of Majesty (15:51)

The first explanation of the meaning of the Huppa is one which was taken from Catholic tradition; this Huppa is similar to that of which covers royalty as well as the Pope during public events. Humans become majestic when they choose to live their lives for others, according to Rabbi Soloveichik.

Bearing Jewish Identity in the American Public Square (14:01)

True religious liberty, claims Rabbi Soloveichik, is loyalty to public religious customs and practices even when one’s neighbors disapprove. He states the Huppa is a profoundly Jewish symbol which also transmits an American ideal that faith is an essential part of oneself brought into the outside world.

Uriah Phillips Levy Passes Jewish Ideas From the American Founders to the American Nation (06:32)

Uriah Phillips Levy first served in the United States Navy and successfully campaigned against and banned the practice of flogging in the military; Levy is honored today by the Armed Forces. After Thomas Jefferson’s death, Levy went on to purchase and preserve Monticello from bankruptcy and ruin.

Covenant and the Building of American Society (17:40)

The Rabbi claims the Huppa and Levy's actions which saved Monticello from ruin represent the integration without assimilation all religious people should be allowed to partake in in American society. Rabbi Soloveichik tells the story of his visit to Monticello.

Conclusion (05:33)

Rabbi Soloveichik describes the meaning of the Huppa once more and the American significance of this profoundly Jewish symbol. Reviewing the lecture, the Rabbi explains his concern that religious liberty is being lost, as it originally was created, in modern America.

Credits: Jewish Participation in American Society (00:06)

Credits: Jewish Participation in American Society

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Discussing majesty and the democratization of royalty, this video lecture by Meir Soleveichik examines Jewish identity in the American public square. It looks at the life of Uriah Phillips Levy and how he brought some of the Jewish ideas from the American founders to the nation as a whole.

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