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Corruption to Communism (04:37)


Imagine if the Cuban Missile Crisis turned into a global thermonuclear war. Three landmark events occurred to determine the outcome: Fidel Castro landing in Cuba, a U2 spy plane discovering nuclear devices, and a Soviet submarine commander almost launching an attack. Colonel Batista becomes the head of state; vices run rampant until Castro commands a rebellion.

Memory of Humanity (04:22)

The U.N. embargo on arms sales leads to South African citizens questioning the Apartheid regime; the U.S. placed a blockade on Cuba. Nikita Khrushchev sends oil to help fight against America. The North Atlantic Trade Organization creates tension during the Cold War.

Deposing Castro (04:19)

America and the Soviet Union develop ballistic nuclear missiles from satellites and atomic bombs. U.S. soldiers land at the Bay of Pigs to overthrow Castro's government. Khrushchev orders Operation Anadyr to commence in order to defend Cuba.

Cold War Crisis (03:52)

Countries threaten nuclear war because it creates fear and respect. President John F. Kennedy receives intelligence that the Soviets are setting up R-12 missile launch ramps. U2 spy planes record operational missile sites and a naval blockade commences.

Third World War (02:24)

Submarines travel underneath the U.S. Navy to continue reinforcing Cuba. Robert Kennedy offers to remove missiles in Turkey in exchange for the Soviet Union withdrawing from Cuba. A Soviet commander does not follow procedure and refuses to fire on a warship.

Turning Point in History (05:36)

If the Soviet commander had launched the weapon, a nuclear war would have erupted. President Kennedy and Khrushchev reach an agreement. SALT 1 treaties limit strategic nuclear weapons.

Credits: The Cuban Missile Crisis (00:46)

Credits: The Cuban Missile Crisis

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The Cuban Missile Crisis

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1962—American spy planes spot launch ramps in Cuba that are designed for nuclear missiles. President Kennedy orders that the island be blockaded in order to inspect any ships wishing to dock there. On October 26, Khrushchev tells Kennedy that he will continue his action: “If the United States want war, we shall find ourselves in hell.” The CIA informs the American president that 24 Russian missiles are now operational and pointing at precise locations in the country. Off the coast of Cuba, the U.S. Navy confronts the Russian fleet and is hunting down Russian submarines. Two of them break surface, but a third remains submerged, refusing to come up. Three exercise charges are dropped to emphasize the order to surface. Moscow orders its vessel to react. A nuclear torpedo is loaded into launch tube number one. The captain of the Russian submarine finally decides not to fire his nuclear torpedo. On October 29, 1962, the U.S.S.R. backs down and withdraws its ships. It promises to dismantle all its installations in Cuba if the United States makes a commitment not to attack the island. Nuclear war is narrowly avoided.

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