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Disaster of the Middle Ages (04:47)


Imagine if the Black Death never occurred. Three landmark events occurred: the Siege of Caffa, the plague reaching Marseilles, and four years of pestilence in Europe. Justinian I succumbs to fever. (Credits)

Memory of Humanity (04:05)

Citizens of the Renaissance perceived the Middle Ages as mediocre. Cleanliness was the responsibility of the individual; in the thirteen century, the Papal legate founded a faculty of medicine in Montpellier. In the Middle Ages, citizens think a disease is transmitted through miasmas.

Bacteria (05:13)

The Black Rat transferred the plague to humans 20,000 years ago. During the Siege of Caffa, the Mongol chief orders plague-infected corpses to be catapulted over the walls. Ships carry the disease along ports of call creating a pandemic.

Turning Point in History (05:13)

Without the Siege of Caffa, towns in Western Europe could prepare for the disease. Black Death decimates a third of the population in four years. Citizens quarantine themselves and throw infected corpses into the streets.

The Western World Changes (05:53)

Imagine if a new worldwide pandemic occurred in today's society. Villages disappear in subsequent epidemics; the plague helps end feudalism. In the late 19th Century researchers discover Versinia Pestis as the bacteria responsible for The Black Death.

Credits: The Black Death (00:47)

Credits: The Black Death

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The Black Death

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1346—Mongols are besieging the Genoese trading post of Caffa in the Crimea (Ukraine). Decimated by the mysterious disease that has pursued them from Central Asia, they give up hope of taking the town. However, before they withdraw, they hurl the bodies of several dead soldiers over the walls using giant catapults. Some of the Genoese defenders take to galleys to flee the epidemic that has stricken Caffa. They carry the disease to all the ports they put into. In a few months, the Black Death spreads throughout Europe before reaching North Africa and Asia... In around two years, 25 million people are cut down by the most brutal demographic catastrophe humankind has ever experienced: one-quarter of Europe’s population. The Black Death leaves a deep mark on the society of the period, which will introduce profound political, religious, artistic, and social changes.

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