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The Fronde (05:32)


Imagine if Louis the XIV's government became Parliamentary. Three events contribute to the civil war in France: Louis XIV becomes king at the age of four, Cardinal Mazarin orders parliamentary arrests of magistrates, and troops almost capture the monarch. Louis XIII dies after uniting the kingdom with Cardinal Richelieu. (Credits)

Memory of Humanity (04:03)

The crown is normally passed down through primogeniture. The Prince de Condé commands troops at Rocroi. Anne of Austria becomes the regent and appoints Cardinal Mazarin First Minister.

Confrontations (03:05)

The regency suspends Parliament salaries and The Fronde begins. During a holiday, Mazarin arrests three magistrates; the Regent appoints the Prince de Condé to stifle the revolution. The King of France could use a "Lettre de Cachet" to arrest and imprison anyone without trial.

The Prince's Fronde (02:36)

Prince de Condé demands favors for quelling the rebellion; Mazarin orders his arrest. Royalty and politicians scramble for power and control. In Burgundy, the King escapes capture.

Turning Point in History (04:00)

If the Prince de Condé had captured the King, the monarchy would have become symbolic. The Parliamentarians divide; Mazarin goes into exile. A period of absolute monarchy follows.

Learning to Become King (05:54)

The Fronde changed how Louis XIV ruled. A period of absolute monarchy follows where the king strips parliament of all power, making all decisions alone. Versailles is built; Fronde rebels were not revolutionaries.

Credits: The Fronde and Louis XIV (00:47)

Credits: The Fronde and Louis XIV

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The Fronde and Louis XIV

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1650—the Kingdom of France. Louis XIV is 12 years old and too young to rule. France is placed under the regency of his mother, Anne of Austria, and Cardinal Mazarin. Poor harvests and the fiscal policy imposed by Mazarin spark unrest in Paris. Parliamentarians, nobles, and bourgeois rise in rebellion against royal authority. This marks the beginning of the Fronde, which forces Louis XIV to leave Paris. When the young king re-conquers the capital, a second rebellion breaks out. Louis XIV and his mother are made prisoners in the Palais Royal. This event marks the young man for life. Once he reaches an age to rule, Louis quashes the Frondeurs with violence and is crowned King of France in 1654. He will never forget the chaotic beginning of his reign: his fear of the nobility and of Paris will drive him to build Versailles, where he will exercise a rule of absolute power for 72 years, turning France into the foremost world and cultural power of the period.

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