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World War II Begins (04:53)


Imagine if the Third Reich emerged victorious after World War II. Three landmark events determined the outcome of the Battle of Dunkirk: Adolf Hitler triggering Case Yellow, officials halting General Heinz Guderian's land offensive, and the evacuation to England. The French Army stands ready to fight, but the opponent does not appear.

Memory of Humanity (04:46)

The Maginot line includes concrete fortifications, obstacles, and weapon installations built by France to deter a German invasion. The Third Reich attacks, risking everything to breach the fortifications. High command orders Guderian to halt.

Turning Point in History (03:33)

If High Command had not ordered Guderian to stop the battle, Germany would have destroyed the allied forces. French HQ plans a counter-attack. General John Gort secretly prepares an evacuation.

Announcing Evacuation (06:44)

The British ask France to defend Dunkirk while their army evacuates. General Bertrand Fagalde commands the Allied Forces. Compare a Blitzkrieg and Pyrrhic attack. Belgium surrenders to the Third Reich.

Holding Out (05:14)

France decided to protect Operation Dynamo allowing allied forces to escape. Dunkerque is destroyed but the British retain their ability to fight against the Third Reich. France signs an armistice with Germany beginning the Vichy Regime.

Credits: The Battle of Dunkirk (00:47)

Credits: The Battle of Dunkirk

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The Battle of Dunkirk

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May 10, 1940. The Germans launch an offensive into Holland, Belgium, and Luxemburg. The French and British armies are caught off guard and find themselves surrounded, so they are ordered to pull back to Dunkirk. 400,000 men crowd onto the beaches and wait to be embarked back to England: Operation Dynamo begins as General Guderian’s Panzer divisions speed towards the town. As Guderian is about to launch a decisive assault on Dunkirk, he receives a direct order from Hitler to halt his advance. He will not be authorized to resume until three days later, on May 27, 1940. Taking advantage of this three-day reprieve, 224,686 British and 123,098 French have time to cross the Channel to safety in England—figures far higher than the Allies first hoped. While France is forced to sign the armistice with Germany, the British Army is saved and able to continue the struggle.

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