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Exploring St. Lawrence (05:37)


Imagine if the British Empire remained intact. Three landmark events contributed to the creation of Canada: Jacques Cartier meeting an Indian tribe, George Washington attacking a French embassy, and Quebec falling. Scandinavians land in North America five hundred years before Christopher Columbus; learn a brief history of the region. (Credits)

Memory of Humanity (04:25)

Compare European and Inuit tribe's lifestyles and cultures. Explorers map the remainder of the Canadian territory; Quebec grows into one of the main cities of "New France." Britain decides to colonize New England.

The Seven Year's War (04:27)

Learn different military tactics of England and France. George Washington attacks an embassy. The Marquis de Vaudreuil and de Montcalm defend New France; Louisbourg falls.

Attacking Quebec (05:38)

The British Navy travels from Louisbourg to Quebec. The French commanders disagree and separate their troops. Cannons besiege the city; General James Wolfe risks becoming trapped in the ice.

Turning Point in History (05:03)

If Montcalm decided to wait for reinforcements, he could have saved Quebec. Both leaders perish and New France surrenders. Its citizens convert to Christianity and learn to speak English.

Credits: The Fall of Quebec (00:46)

Credits: The Fall of Quebec

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The Fall of Quebec

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1756—the beginning of the Seven Years’ War, which amongst others sets France against England. The conflict spreads throughout Europe, India, and North America. On the American continent, the war is considerable, weakening the French effort as the British strive to eliminate all French presence there. In 1759 the British launch their offensive and besiege the city of Quebec. After several months of siege, the besieged are beginning to run out of supplies. The French general Montcalm organizes several convoys. Wolfe, the English general, seizes the chance: he sends several of his ships to Quebec, which the French guards allow to pass, believing them to be the relief. By the time the ploy is discovered by the French, it is already too late. After their successful landing, the British, superior in number, bring down the city of Quebec on September 19, 1759. The following year, Montreal suffers the same fate. New France collapses completely and becomes a British colony.

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