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Life of Genghis Khan (04:03)


Imagine if the Chinese Empire dominated politics in the modern era. Three landmark events contributed to slowing its progress: Temüjin's father is poisoned, a rival clan captures Börte Üjin Khatun, and Peking is sacked. Learn about the early life of this Mongolian Leader.

Memory of Humanity (05:39)

Temüjin's father kidnaps his mother; Genghis Khan slays his own brother. Two people influenced his destiny. When rivals take Börte, Khan promises to avenge her capture and enlists Jamukha's army.

Turning Point in History (04:59)

After reuniting with Börte, the Mongolian leader slaughters all of the rival clan, including women and children. Mongols, Mercers, Tartar, and Charites all fight in Mongolia. Jamukha dies; Temüjin becomes Khan.

Genghis Khan (04:07)

A Mongolian archer can shoot twice the amount of arrows a traditional English Bow. Warriors were deadly because of their military tactics and unpredictability. Khan ransacks Peking, Tangut territory, Jin Territory, Russia, Turkey, and Korea.

Mongolian Empire (03:35)

Pax Mongolia occurs from Iran to Korea. An empire flourishes and lasts because it promotes human development. Khan dies and the Black Death ravages Asia and Europe.

Khan's Legacy (02:56)

China builds the Great Wall to prevent Mongol invasions but proves ineffective. Walls do not protect countries. Mongols adopt Chinese culture and live in peace.

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Genghis Khan: The Empire of the Steppes

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Mongolia, 12th century. Yesügei, chief of the Qiyat tribe, is poisoned by the Tatars. His son, Temüjin, is not yet old enough to succeed him. Targutai, chief of the Tayichiud tribe, seizes his chance. He takes control of the clan and orders Temüjin and his family to be banished. Temüjin exchanges the life of ease of a high nobleman for the impoverished existence of the nomads. For several years he manages to survive in poverty with his family and then with his wife, Börte. But then Merkit warriors kidnap Börte. Temüjin asks for help from his blood brother, Djamuqa, and his army to rescue his wife and take revenge. During this campaign, Temüjin proves to be a charismatic and courageous leader. Impressed, several Mongol warriors decide to follow him. With his charisma, Temüjin brings several Mongol tribes together and conquers the others through his talent for battle. He becomes Emperor of the Mongols and bears the title of Genghis Khan. He throws himself into major conquests throughout the whole of Asia and builds the largest contiguous empire of all time. The kidnapping of his wife turned Temüjin into Genghis Khan.

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