Segments in this Video

Refugees Arrive in Greece (06:22)


Elias Matar has not returned to Damascus since he was a child. Mixail Vorrias feeds and aids Afghanis and Syrians fleeing their respective countries . Refugees travel by bus to a registration center in Tabakika.

Seeking Asylum (06:06)

Refugees cross illegally from Çesme, Turkey to Chios, Greece. Matar, Vorrias, and others patrol. Boats arrive with exhausted and cold Syrians.

More Refugee Boats Arrive (03:07)

Rescuers try to treat for frostbite and hypothermia. Refugees need to wait hours to take a bus to the registration center.

Helping Syrians Apply for Asylum (03:04)

Chris Dowling states the life-jackets do not help with floatation. International volunteers wash and dry wardrobe collected from Syrian Refugees. Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario patrols the ocean for boats with issues.

Another Wave of Refugees (02:31)

Volunteers provide food and warming blankets for the refugees. A registration camp in Tabakika provides paperwork to allow them to travel to the Balkans.

People's Street Kitchen (05:05)

Financed by donations, a group of International Volunteers prepares food. Matar feeds refugees at the Port of Chios, the Souda Holding Camp, and the registration camp in Tabakika.

Stranded Refugees (05:16)

Fifty-three Syrians and Iraqi refugees are stuck on an uninhabited island. International volunteers attempt a retrieval. Rescue teams celebrate New Year's after a successful recovery.

Lost at Sea (03:14)

A boat is rescued that was presumed sunk. Volunteers separate the children from their mothers to provide medical care. The Turkish coastguard kept ramming the ship even though the refugees had reached Greek waters.

Crossing Seas in Bad Weather (09:12)

The smuggler of one boat threw refugees overboard before hitting land. Over 1,900 refugees crossed in one night. Men women and children suffer from shock, extreme hypothermia, and broken legs.

Arriving in Turkey (03:23)

Matar crosses the Aegean Sea by boat to visit German doctors. Ali Güray Yalvaçli leads an organization that provides aid in Çesme, Turkey. Samaritan law allows individuals to feed and clothe refugees, but not aid in crossing.

Smuggler Camp (02:55)

Refugees who cannot afford to rent a motel room stay in an abandoned resort town waiting to cross the Aegean Sea. Expired mattresses are donated to the community. The city organized bulldozers to clean up a mountain of trash prior to the documentary crew's visit.

Chronic Pain and Illness (04:31)

Dr. Khalil Kermani tends to those who are injured. Avicenna-hilfswerk e.V. converts a van into a mobile clinic. Volunteers organize refugees into a line and hand out food.

Refugees Prepare for Crossing (07:19)

Refugees depart for Greece wearing lifejackets. Matar recommends they wear trash bags to protect themselves against water. Smugglers abandon the boat as soon as it is pointed toward Chios to prevent apprehension.

Self-Sustaining Camp (07:06)

Matar visits an illegal refugee camp in Izmir whose inhabitants wish to return to Syria when the war ends. Kiki and other volunteers play with the children. A boat capsizes in the Aegean Sea; 33 people died.

Credits: Exodus (01:37)

Credits: Exodus

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Exodus documents the journey of Syrian refugees as they cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey into Greece. In the winter of 2015, over three thousand refugees attempted this treacherous crossing everyday, all in hope of seeking asylum in the European Union. It’s a life and death gamble that they are willing to take, all for a chance at a new life away from their war-torn homeland.

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