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Dominant Ideologies (02:47)


The capitalist socio-economic-political system uses ideologies to legitimate production, social, and political inequalities. Opportunity and meritocracy justify individual and structural differences in wealth, income, status, and power. Bourdieu shows how social systems are rigged in terms of capital and habitus.

Transmission of Ideology (03:40)

Ideology is transmitted through the practices of institutions over time and embodied with individuals in their habitus. Educational credentials and achievements legitimate inequality through reinforcement of the meritocracy ideology. The ideology of meritocracy and equality opportunity is maximized by the degree reality found in the system.

Ideology and Education (03:54)

Follow the educational experiences of three hypothetical children and explore the impacts of opportunity and meritocracy theory. Class-based unequal distribution of cultural and linguistic capital affects the probabilistic outcomes of performance within the educational system.

Linguistic and Cultural Capital (07:03)

Linguistic capital provides an educational advantage to those whose primary socialization of language corresponds to academic, scholarly language. Knowledge and language can be used as weapons. The ideology of meritocracy is enforced by individual successes.

Credits: Pierre Bourdieu: Reproduction in Education, Society, and Culture (00:32)

Credits: Pierre Bourdieu: Reproduction in Education, Society, and Culture

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Pierre Bourdieu: Reproduction in Education, Society, and Culture

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This film presents Bourdieu's theory as to to how dominant ideologies are experientially reproduced in the education system through what he terms "objective misrecognition" and how this works as a form of symbolic violence.

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