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Belly Fat Risks (02:33)


Dr. Saleyha Ahsan explains that subcutaneous and visceral fats cause large waistlines—increasing the likelihood of developing heart disease or type II diabetes. Volunteers will test whether diet or exercise works best for abdominal weight loss, including internet "tricks."

Belly Fat Trial (03:01)

Professor Fredrik Karpe's volunteers will test whether eating less helps them lose visceral fat, and the internet claim that calcium in milk stops fat absorption. Professor Dylan Thompson's volunteers will increase daily activity and adopt abdominal strength routines.

Sunglasses Test (04:11)

Sunglasses must block 99% of UV light, to protect the eyes. Dr. Chris van Tulleken uses a spectrophotometer to test the effectiveness of popular brands. European standards pass the test while imitation brands fail, design also plays a role.

Jelly Fish Sting Remedies (03:01)

Research shows vinegar can stop remaining tentacles from releasing more venom. Alcohol, salt and urine do not stop the pain. Applying a heat pack or soaking in hot water breaks down the venom, decreasing pain.

Hot Bath Study (02:57)

Dr. Steve Faulkner cites research showing saunas can reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Dr. Michael Mosley and volunteers will sit in a hot tub. Their blood sugar, body temperature and calorie output will be monitored against an hour of exercise.

Hot Bath Study Results (02:40)

Volunteers expended 80% more energy while sitting in a hot bath, but not as much as while cycling. Peak glucose was 10% lower in a bath than after exercise; Faulkner believes heat shock proteins remove sugar from the bloodstream.

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke (04:26)

Ahsan discusses risks and symptoms. Interventions include removing clothing, seeking shade, fanning moist skin, cooling the skin, and immersing hands in cold water. If unconscious, place the person in the recovery position.

Passive Stretching Study (04:50)

Research suggests being stretched by someone else has health benefits. Dr. Ian LaHarpe's team stretches volunteers while monitoring blood sugar, heart rate, and calorie output. Glucose levels are 23% lower, heart rate increases 17%, and energy expenditure is 126% higher.

Belly Fat Trial Results (04:41)

The increased activity group did not lose visceral fat but reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. The abdominal strength and milk groups lost neither weight nor belly fat. The reduced portion group lost four kilograms on average and 14% of visceral fat.

Argument for Sun Exposure (03:51)

British guidelines say there is no safe way to tan, but recommend some exposure for vitamin D. Dr. Richard Weller argues that exposure benefits outweigh the skin cancer risks; evidence suggests it reduces blood pressure. Learn about melanoma versus non-melanoma cancer.

Argument Against Sun Exposure (03:03)

Dr. Charlotte Proby argues that skin cancer risks outweigh sun exposure benefits; cardiovascular death is still high in Australia. She recommends 5 to 15 minutes of exposure for vitamin D benefits. Fair skinned people and children should avoid burns.

The Netherlands (02:31)

The Netherlands' management of its waterways is being threatened by rising sea levels. To survive, the country is adapting its relationship with water.

Canals in Amsterdam (03:11)

Despite the many positives, the canals pose a flood threat to the city. A system of locks and pumps prevents flooding, but the city now sits below sea level.

Dutch Coasts (05:07)

The coastlines are reinforced with dykes and sand since a quarter of the country is below sea level. Worried about the amount being washed away, coastal engineer Marcel Stive built the sand motor. It created a natural way for the ocean to distribute more sand to the coastlines.

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As the sun comes out (or not!) the doctors are back doing science research on our behalf. While we prepare to bare our bodies on the beach, Dr. Saleyha Ahsan and the University of Oxford test whether it is really possible to bust belly fat, and skin surgeon Gabriel Weston takes a special camera on the streets to see how protective sun cream actually is. Dr. Chris van Tulleken tests how cheap a pair of sunglasses we can buy and still be assured protection from damaging UV light. And as the warmer weather tempts more of us to do some exercise, GP Zoe Williams makes a guest appearance to test what it's really doing for our health, whilst Michael Mosley investigates some surprising ways to get the benefits of exercise without doing any at all.

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