Segments in this Video

Filming on Zavodovski Island (03:25)


A BBC Earth camera crew navigates treacherous waters to reach the island. They haul equipment up a cliff face and establish camp. Hundreds of thousands of penguins live on the island.

Challenging Weather (04:12)

The crew's campsite becomes muddy with snow melt runoff and penguin manure. Adult penguins risk injury and death leaping into storm surges to feed their chicks. The crew quickly leaves the island as a storm approaches.

Filming Golden Eagles (02:52)

Ground and helicopter crews record individuals in flight. Paragliders attempting to capture an eagle's eye view of the Swiss Alps must shelter overnight on a mountain until weather conditions allow for takeoff.

Unsuccessful Filming Attempts (02:56)

A cameraman sets up a hidden camera on a mountainside, hoping to document golden eagles. Paragliders must fly down a mountain in dangerous weather conditions. Later, they have clear skies but poor quality shots.

Eagle's Eye View (02:57)

A crew member captures footage of golden eagles scavenging. Paragliders fly tandem with a cameraman to film an eagle's perspective while diving.

Filming in the Jungle (03:08)

The crew faces red ants, rats, and spiders while searching for a newly discovered river dolphin species in the Amazon. They place waterproof cameras in the swamp to listen for sonar communication.

Underwater Filming (04:51)

The crew uses underwater cameras and a drone to document a river dolphin. A sudden storm forces them to shelter on the shore. Finally, they are able to film the newly discovered species.

Filming Locusts (02:08)

In Madagascar, the crew locates a swarm of hoppers. They have difficulty capturing them on camera and herd them towards the lens; the ground swarm eventually cooperates.

Winged Swarms (06:52)

Locusts travel 100 km a day once the swarm is airborn. The crew works with UNFAO members to locate a swarm. Flooded roads impede their progress; after crossing a river, they lose the swarm. They use a helicopter to locate and film a locust swarm in Madagascar.

Kaziranga National Park (02:52)

An armed guard accompanies crew members while looking for large animals in Northeast India. They escape a confrontation with a rhinoceros and position hidden infrared cameras.

Sabotaged by Wildlife (04:07)

Crew members suspect elephants destroyed a hidden camera; security cameras reveal a sloth bear is responsible. They set a camera trap near a rhinoceros carcass, hoping to attract tigers. Water buffalo are a threat to humans.

Filming Danger (01:57)

A tiger destroys a camera hidden near a rhinoceros carcass. Cameraman Sandesh Kadur decides to film the scene in person.

Filming Urban Wildlife (02:14)

Crew members set up cameras to film macaque monkeys in Jodhpur. In Mumbai, they place infrared camera traps to locate leopards.

Urban Predator (06:35)

Film crew members string rooftop cameras in Jodhpur to capture monkeys in action; the animals soon become accustomed to their presence. Mumbai camera traps reveal leopards.

Credits: Diaries (00:37)

Credits: Diaries

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This special takes viewers behind the scenes to show the incredible lengths the crews go to as they capture memorable scenes from the hugely successful natural history series Planet Earth II.

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