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Mission Galapagos (03:33)


The Galapagos Islands lie 1,000 km off the coast of South America and consist of thirteen main islands and smaller rocky outcrops. An international team of scientists has come to study the unexplored, diverse region.

Exploring Wolf Volcano (03:27)

The team the volcano on the largest but, most unexplored area, of the island chain. The pink iguana lives around the rim of the volcano. Gabriele Gentile outlines the plans to track and preserve the rare creature.

Searching for the Pink Iguana (04:42)

The team begins their searchalong the rim of Wolf Volcanod. Upon finding one of the iguanas, the team studies it and marks it with harmless paint for future identification.

Beneath the Galapagos Islands (07:56)

Marine biologist Dr. Pelayo Salinas de Leon will descend 1,000 km beneath the volcano to search for new species of marine life. Liz Bonnin joins the team as submersible pilot Mark Taylor guides them into the depths of the ocean. A thermal, 3D map of the ocean floor is created for navigational purposes.

Subterranean Exploration (06:51)

The flank of the volcano appears out of the darkness and the research team begins to collect species which could be new discoveries. In the ship's wet lab, the scientists analyze sixteen samples they collected using DNA tests.

Discovery of Sunken Islands (06:30)

The land-based team continues scanning and mapping the seafloor until scientist Karen Harpp theorizes that non-typical formations are essentially sunken islands. Many species likely floated to an island, but once there, hopped to other islands.

Future of the Giant Tortoise (02:56)

The team finds the nest of a giant tortoise with evidence of hatched eggs; female tortoises lay ten eggs on average. There are eleven species of giant tortoises which evolved because of varying environmental conditions.

Adaptable Marine Iguanas (09:34)

The answer to biodiversity lies beneath the ocean's surface—the magma hot spot and the tectonic plate. The marine iguana is unique to the Galapagos and is the world’s only seagoing lizard.

Credits: Cauldron of Life (00:55)

Credits: Cauldron of Life

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Liz Bonnin joins a scientific team aboard the research vessel Alucia on an expedition across the Galapagos Island. The journey begins on the Galapagos' west side at the youngest and most volcanically active islands in the archipelago, Isabela and Fernandina, which are home to a richly diverse wildlife scene. Here, Liz and the team journey into the clouds above Wolf, the tallest volcano in the Galapagos, where they join a group of biologists hunting for the elusive pink iguana. Back on the research vessel, Liz boards Alucia's Triton submersible to descend more than 3,000 feet into the ocean abyss in search of a new species hiding in the darkness. Liz also travels to Alcedo Volcano, in search of the largest population of giant tortoises. Finally, Liz helps out with a groundbreaking science experiment to X-ray marine iguanas that have so far stunned the scientific community with a new mutation.

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