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Cauldron of Life

Item #: 145420

Secrets of the Deep

Item #: 145421

Future Frontiers

Item #: 145422

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Mission Galapagos

The Series Includes : Cauldron of Life | Secrets of the Deep | Future Frontiers
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $900.00
3-Year Streaming Price: $900.00



The Galapagos Islands are like no other place on Earth. Situated 600 miles off the mainland of South America, this isolated archipelago lies in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This investigation employs tagging technology, underwater mapping, cinematography, thermal cameras and other techniques to track the most mysterious creatures, solve unanswered riddles, explore ancient islands reclaimed by the sea, and encounter the islands' volcanic underbelly.

Length: 150 minutes

Item#: BVL145419

ISBN: 978-1-64347-789-3

Copyright date: ©2017

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