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Unexpected Pregnancies (04:32)


Stacey Dooley travels to Portland, Oregon to meet with expectant mother Brianna and her boyfriend Josh to discuss their decision to give their child up in open adoption. Brianna and Josh thought they may want to keep their baby, but decided they could not provide a positive environment.

Choosing a Family (03:36)

Brianna and Josh chose Frank and Jonathan to adopt their son. The couples meet with counselor Lindsay to get to know one another. Brianna and Josh leave the meeting pleased.

Misty's Pregnancy and Adoption (03:18)

Dooley travels to Montana to meet with Misty; Misty and her boyfriend Rory got pregnant soon after they began dating. Misty lives with her best friend and believes she is unable to financially support her daughter.

Open Adoption Process (03:04)

Sherry and Angie hope to grow their family. After attempting artificial insemination for several years, they decide to adopt. Misty and Rory have gotten to know the couple well over the months leading to Misty’s due date.

Relationship Expectations (03:34)

Brianna, Josh, Jonathan, and Frank meet with Lindsay to discuss expectations between the birth parents and the new family. Brianna and Josh are guaranteed one visit a year and consistent Skype calls and email updates as their son grows.

Grieving the Adoption (04:36)

Brianna goes to her mother Lina’s house to choose a childhood toy to pass on to her son. Dooley and Lina discuss her role in the life of the baby. Brianna is concerned about her response when she has to release parental rights.

Preparing for the Baby (02:52)

During the months leading up to Misty’s due date, Angie and Sherry prepare for the arrival of their daughter. The adoption is not official until after the birth, when legal papers are signed relinquishing the birth parents' parental rights.

Preparing for Childbirth (02:45)

Misty is staying at Rory’s mother’s house and prepares herself mentally for the birth and finalization of the adoption process. The doctors decide to induce Misty’s labor.

Birth of a Child (03:32)

Misty’s baby Carita is born, but she and Rory must wait 72 hours before signing away parental rights and allowing Angie and Sherry to adopt her. Misty works hard to consciously separate herself from her motherly instincts.

Relinquishing Parental Rights (04:07)

Misty and Rory agree to allow Angie and Sherry to adopt their daughter and travel to the attorney’s office to sign the paperwork. The couple says goodbye to their newborn daughter.

Brianna's Birth Process (03:50)

Brianna gives birth to a healthy baby boy who Frank and Jonathan name Apollo. Brianna and Josh assure Dooley they do not intend to change their minds about the adoption.

Revoking Parental Rights (03:14)

Brianna and Josh agree to revoke their rights, but it is an emotional process for the young couple. Lindsay visits the couple to ensure they are not having second thoughts about the adoption.

Entrustment Ceremony (02:09)

Frank, Jonathan, Josh, Brianna, and Lindsay meet to participate in the ceremony. All the couples in this film hope the children will one day see the film and understand why the birth parents revoked parental rights.

Credits: Letting Baby Go (00:37)

Credits: Letting Baby Go

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Stacey Dooley travels to America to explore the bittersweet world of open adoption. The majority of private adoptions in America are "open," encouraging birth parents to pick the adoptive parents themselves and to stay in touch with their child as they grow up. Over several months, Stacey spends time with two young pregnant women who are planning an open adoption and tries to understand what it takes to make one of the toughest imaginable decisions: to give your baby away in the hope it will have a better life with different parents.

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