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Science Behind Human Behavior (01:54)


Dr. Michael Mosley and his team of researchers observe human subjects in fabricated situations to understanding human behavior.

Power Politics (06:23)

This episode looks at a team building event as a cover for an experiment on group behavior for a small company. The group's first activity uses no-verbal cues to complete a task.

Hiding in the Crowd (02:36)

The group faces their second challenge—a tractor pull. Individuals exerted less effort to move the tractor when they worked with the group then when they worked alone.

Breaking Down Barriers (05:22)

Mosley is interested in the group’s pecking order. Group members engage in an ordering task based on their perceived order of seniority.

Personal Information (03:41)

The group plays two truths and lie. The new group member, Melissa, plays it safe and does not disclose her social roots. Sharing brings people closer together, but over sharing can backfire.

Motivational Speaker (06:28)

Simon, a fake motivational speaker, pushes the group to engage in strange behaviors to demonstrate the impact of social hierarchy and authority figures.

Disturbing Group Harmony (07:58)

Ollie informs the group he will be taking a sabbatical. The group engages in a collaborative hiring process to select a new boss.

Reducing Tension (09:06)

The group initiates the process of selecting a new boss. Groups engage in collaborative activities to get to know the potential bosses. The group uncovers the truth about the new bosses.

Coming Clean (04:20)

Dr. Michael Mosley and his expert assistants provide the group with feedback on their social hierarchy and group dynamics.

Credits: Pulling Together (00:41)

Credits: Pulling Together

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Pulling Together

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Unlike most of the animal kingdom, we humans cooperate outside of the family unit. This episode looks at how we behave in groups and puts our notions of hierarchy to the test. We meet a group of workers from a small company that come to the country house for what they believe is a team-building weekend. Not one of them was prepared for the news they received once they arrive. Dr. Michael Mosley and guest experts Dr. Nadine Tchelebi and Patricia Marks examine group dynamics and discover some fascinating results. What happens when disaster strikes? Do we pull together, or do we fall apart?

Length: 49 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2017

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