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Clean Eating: Introduction (02:32)


Presenter Dr. Giles Yeo will interview and research the ideas and the gurus behind the increasingly popular the “clean eating” trend, the gluten-free fad, and other ideas surrounding food.

Food Blogging (04:05)

Ella Mills is one of the most influential figures of clean eating; she created her popular blog Deliciously Ella after suffering from postural tachycardia syndrome. After feeling let down by modern medicine, Mills turned to a plant-based diet in order to control the symptoms of her rare disease.

Gluten Free Trends (02:02)

Giles discusses gluten-free baking with the Manna Dew Bakery owner Mohamed Aboughazala and describes the methods and beliefs of the Hemsley sisters who recently released their own cookbook.

Finding Dr. Bill Davis (05:29)

Cardiologist Dr. Alessio Fasano and Giles discuss the work Fasano has done in the grey area of heart disease regarding the effects of the gliadin protein. Fasano focuses primarily on treating celiac disease and has written several books on the subject.

Grain-Free Eating (05:55)

Bill Davis advocates for not only a gluten-free diet but an entirely grain-free diet arguing all grains greatly contribute to autoimmune disease. However, no studies have been conducted proving his assertions; gluten only causes an issue if a person has a genetic predisposition, a leaky gut, a faulty immune system, and imbalanced gut microbes.

Alkaline Eating for pH (10:07)

Alkaline eating is a food trend popularized by Honestly Healthy the work of Natasha Corrett who drew inspiration from Robert Young. The medical consensus is nothing a person can eat has the ability to change the alkaline pH of the blood.

Creating "The China Study" (08:11)

Mills was strongly influenced by the book “The China Study” which was written by Colin Campbell who conducted a human study about the incident of disease in rural China which he believes to be connected directly to diet. Mills states more natural foods and vegetables can have powerful effects.

Creating a Personal Brand (02:06)

Mills has woven her personal life with her branding online, and this has greatly influenced her success as a food blogger and restaurant owner. Clean eating promises to make people healthier, but Giles worries it has led some people to a lifestyle of disordered eating.

Horrors of Pseudoscience (08:36)

Young believes his alkaline eating method can treat and reverse many different diseases including cancer; the California Medical Board conducted an investigation into Young’s methods after a woman died while under his care from congestive heart failure. Young now faces a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Reflecting on Clean Eating (02:15)

After interviewing the world's modern clean eating gurus, Giles describes his concerns about what this pseudoscience is making people believe about food. The internet and food blogs have transformed how people interact with food.

Credits: Clean Eating (00:39)

Credits: Clean Eating

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