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Killing Big Game (06:11)


Stacy Dooley never understood why hunters want to shoot wild animals. She attends a hunting and fishing expo and watches a seven year old boy shoot a bear. Participants bid on killing an antelope.

Heading to South Africa (02:40)

Dooley packs for the trip. Limpopo province is half the size of the United Kingdom. The journalist will spend two weeks at Atlantic Safaris, a 4000 acre game ranch.

Entering the Lodge (03:21)

Dooley meets Jaken and Mark at the hunting lodge. People tend to humanize wild animals. Gordon Brace compares trophy hunting to having an orgasm.

Target Shooting (03:03)

Mark describes how Dooley's ethics are clouding her judgement. Brace teaches Dooley how to shoot a rifle.

Killing or Fun (02:43)

Mark explains how generous the hunters are who contribute additional funds towards conservation. Brace explains how the ranch has been improved since allowing trophy hunting.

First Hunt (04:12)

Allan paid $1,000 dollars to shoot a wildebeest. Brace worries that the animal is wounded but not killed cleanly.

Visiting Children (03:35)

Ten animals are killed a week at Zuliani. The felled animals are donated to a local orphanage and feed the impoverished children.

Bow Hunters (06:52)

Mark prepares his son to kill his first wildebeest and challenges Dooley to contribute. Brace burns dry dung to disguise their human scent. Jaken misses the animal's vital organs.

Secret Rhinocerus Sanctuary (04:08)

Endangered rhino breeder and conservationist Sylvia Hastings notes that hunting helps the environment. Brace explains how the 20% of animals shot every year feed the rest and improves their habitats.

Zebra Hunt (03:52)

Jaken still wants to continue hunting. Brace earns $6,500 a year on killing zebras alone which he puts back into the ranch and conservation. Dooley has become desensitized to the killing of wild animals.

First Kill (04:54)

Dooley attempts to shoot a guinea fowl but scares the birds away each time. Brace feels that she has learned a lot during her time at the game ranch. She says goodbye to her friends at the hunting lodge.

Credits: Living with Big Game Hunters (00:34)

Credits: Living with Big Game Hunters

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Living with Big Game Hunters

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Stacey Dooley moves into an African big-game hunting lodge to train for two weeks with die-hard trophy hunters. Living and breathing a hunter's life, she finds some surprising people and points of view in this controversial world. She learns how to shoot, track and harvest big game, all the while exposed to her mentors' compelling pro-hunting logic.

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