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"Javelin" (12:20)


Katie Derham shows Proms in the Park in Glasgow Green, Colwyn Bay, Hyde Park and Belfast. The BBC Symphony Orchestra performs Michael Torke's piece conducted by Sakari Oramo.

"Serenade to Music" (16:07)

In honor of the anniversary of Shakespeare's death, the BBC Symphony Orchestra performs a piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams conducted by Sakari Oramo.

"Ah! Mes Amis" from "Daughter of the Regiment" (10:51)

During rehearsals, Juan Diego Florez speaks on the most difficult aria by Gaetano Donizetti, which he later sings with the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

"Fiesta Caribena" (09:20)

Juan Diego Florez performs a medley of Latin American classics arranged by Anne Dudley with the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Hymn for Women Voters (03:32)

Nikki Fox introduces "Jerusalem" as the anthem for the AGM of the Women's Institute. Indy Bhullar and Debbie Wiseman talk of the historical ties behind "Jerusalem."

"Fantasia on British Sea-Songs" (11:50)

Sakari Oramo says hello to audiences in different parks. Sir Henry Wood's piece is performed with increasing tempo by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Oramo.

Proms in the Park (08:08)

"The Skye Boat Song" is performed at Glasgow Green, along with other performances at Colwyn Bay and Titanic Slipways.

"Rule Britannia!" (08:38)

Malcolm Sargent's arrangement is performed by costumed Juan Diego Florez and the BBC Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Sakari Oramo.

Conductor's Speech (09:28)

Sakari Oramo salutes fellow performers such as Duncan Rock and the Proms Youth Ensemble at the world's biggest music festival.

"Land of Hope and Glory" (09:25)

The audience helps sing Edward Elgar's piece led by Sakari Oramo and performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

"Jerusalem" (03:16)

The audience helps sing Hubert Parry's piece led by Sakari Oramo and performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

"God Save the Queen" (06:26)

Benjamin Britten's arrangement is performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sakari Oramo at the Royal Albert Hall.

Credits: BBC Proms 2016: Last Night—Episode 2 (01:11)

Credits: BBC Proms 2016: Last Night—Episode 2

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BBC Proms 2016: Last Night—Episode 2

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Katie Derham introduces the celebrations live from the Royal Albert Hall as the world's greatest music festival reaches the grand finale of its 121st anniversary year. Tenor Juan Diego Florez and 12 hand-picked opera singers are the star vocalists in a program which includes popular favorites by Michael Torke, Ralph Vaughan Williams, as well as a performance of Ah! Mes Amis from Daughter of the Regiment. Around the U.K., Proms in the Park audiences in Belfast, Glasgow, Wales and London will join the Royal Albert Hall for a medley of favorites such as God Save the Queen, arranged by Benjamin Britten. Each of the four parks will also have their moment in the spotlight as they sing different pieces, including Glasgow Green Park's rendition of The Skye Boat Song, before the traditional climax of Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem. The BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and the BBC Singers are conducted by Sakari Oramo. 

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