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Famous Political Impressionist (04:18)


Rory Bremner suspects he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This segment orients viewers to the disorder, the examination of underlying causes, and medical breakthroughs.

ADHD Symptoms in Children (04:15)

Jayden displays inattentiveness, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity, the three core symptoms of ADHD. His mother describes what security measures she installed to ensure he and his family remains safe. An estimated five percent of children and three percent of adults are afflicted with ADHD in the United Kingdom.

How ADHD Manifests (06:02)

Prof. Katya Rubia explains how the brain's function and structure differ in people afflicted with ADHD. People who exhibit smaller attention deficit traits have difficulties with inattention and impulse control. The stuck test demonstrates a person's self-restraint.

Origins of ADHD (06:46)

Barbara Franke alters fruit flies in an attempt to discover the genes that contribute to ADHD. She tests their hyperactivity using a maze and light; environment also contributes to ADHD.

Seeking Clarity About ADHD (07:56)

Bremner reveals his confusion about ADHD. Psychiatrist Peter Hill explains environmental and genetic factors by comparing ADHD to a gingerbread cake.

ADHD Diagnosis (04:28)

Bremner meets Prof. Phillip Asherson to undergo an assessment. The psychiatrist watches as Bremner fills out a questionnaire for symptoms.

Grappling with the Diagnosis (04:13)

Bremner feels overwhelmed with his diagnosis. Salif Mahamane describes how the modern world is repetitive and those afflicted with ADHD need a more vibrant environment.

Pathfinders and Risk Takers (02:51)

Dr. Jonathan Williams explains how those afflicted with ADHD improve society. Predictability can destroy villages.

Criminal Activity (03:48)

Amy Sweet has ASBOs—arson, assault, destruction of property, and other misdemeanors. Wayne Sweet states that Amy always feels reticent after acting out. Medicine has helped mitigate the symptoms of ADHD.

Optional Treatment (06:30)

Bremner takes Ritalin before a performance to determine its effect. Asherson describes the drug's efficacy and side effects.

Credits: ADHD and Me (00:30)

Credits: ADHD and Me

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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder has long been seen as just another name for bad behavior. But we now know that ADHD is as real as autism and dyslexia. It’s the most common—and fastest growing—childhood disorder. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many adults are now being diagnosed too, having struggled with chaotic lives for years without knowing why. This timely investigation looks at the causes and effects of ADHD. Do behavior therapies control the condition as well as medication? Are drugs now handed out as performance enhancers? And should people with ADHD even want to change?

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