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Is Modern Sexual Culture Liberating? (03:11)


Are new ideas about sexuality empowering and liberating, and at the same time, a challenge to conventional sociobiology, or a wrong turn on the road to equality? Melissa Benn introduces panel members Sam Roddick, Helen Croydon, and Beatrix Campbell.

The Pitch: Sam Roddick (04:53)

Roddick explains how her relationship with sex, the perception of cultural relationships to sex, and her relationship with men changed after owning CoCo de Mer. Fabricated cultural views dehumanize sex and contrast individual experiences.

The Pitch: Helen Croydon (03:45)

Croydon argues that removing the "double-gender standard" empowers women sexually. She criticizes the societal shift as it has put a pressure on women to perform for men.

The Pitch: Beatrix Campbell (00:0-238)

Campbell begins by addressing rape as a form of modern warfare. She poses a question about the relationship between a penis and clitoris.

Are Sociology's Claims About Sex Wrong? (12:26)

Croydon argues that contraceptives and social change interact but do not override sociobiological views of sex. Roddick contradicts Croydon and argues that men and women have similar sexual desires; it is socialization that divides the sexes. Campbell considers the impacts of female subordination and the definition of normal sex in heterosexual relationships.

Are Women Merely Imitating Masculine Sexual Culture? (11:02)

Roddick wants to separate masculine principles from misogyny; misogyny is a cultural perception. Croydon believes men have more of a drive to find a relationship. Campbell considers the right not to be sexual.

Do We Need a New Revolution? (03:19)

Campbell, Croydon, and Roddick express key ideas that people should think about in relation women and sex.

Credits: Women and Conquest (00:22)

Credits: Women and Conquest

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Once it was men who counted sexual conquests as a sign of their prowess. Now in the age of Tinder a new generation of women are doing the same. Is this empowering and liberating and at the same time a challenge to conventional sociobiology? Or is it a wrong turn on the road to equality? The Panel Screw the Fairytale author Helen Croydon, activist Beatrix Campbell and founder of Coco de Mer Sam Roddick go in search of new conquests. Melissa Benn hosts.

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