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The Universe Code: Introduction (01:44)


Moderator David Malone questions quantum computation researcher Chiara Marletto, Oxford Chemistry Professor Peter Atkins, and Bristol Philosophy Professor James Ladyman about the fundamentality of information.

Chiara Marletto: The Pitch (02:47)

Marletto asserts information is fundamental in an exploratory sense; the goal of scientific study is to explain the world on different levels. Information has properties which transcend physical systems and regularity makes copying possible within physics.

Peter Atkins: The Pitch (04:02)

Atkins is concerned with information which creates subjectivity in people; the deepest achievements in science come through abstraction. Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics and entropy relate closely to the transfer of information.

James Ladyman: The Pitch (03:36)

Ladyman asserts the definitions used for the words “information” and “fundamental” are important for answering the moderator's question. Information is not fundamental to reality, but it is helpful in creating productive thought and processing.

Information vs. Matter (11:49)

Marletto argues the process of natural selection could not have occurred without the ability to copy. Ladyman asserts evolution can be understood as an informationless, physical process.

Does Fundamental Reality Exist? (13:27)

Atkins states information unifies the structure and the underlying mathematical information; mathematics is the foundation of the universe. All elements are have a physical measure for research convenience and study purposes.

Limits of Information (08:43)

Atkins believes information must be restricted to each scientific discipline, and the descriptions must not collide. Atkins and Ladyman assert mathematics cannot be considered information, therefore, the basis of the universe must not be a layer of information.

Credits: The Universe Code (00:20)

Credits: The Universe Code

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We think information provides facts about the world around us. Yet some in quantum physics now claim that information is primary, more fundamental than matter. Could information provide the ultimate constituents of the world? Or is this a delusion borne from the specific and passing vocabulary of a digital age? The Panel Emeritus Oxford chemist Peter Atkins, quantum physics information pioneer Chiara Marletto and author of Everything Must Go James Ladyman decode the universe.

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