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The Tyranny of Evidence: Introduction (04:13)


Green Party politician Rupert Read discusses his view of evidence-based actions in the political and financial sectors; overvaluation of evidence negatively impacted society. He and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb collaborate to create a better system based on precaution.

What is the Precautionary Principle? (08:26)

In areas with high stakes such as the financial market or the environment, Read argues there is a lack of knowledge and the decisions made should not be based on evidence from the past. People shape society rather than the reverse, and human action is unpredictable.

Viking Legend vs. Reality (05:17)

Vikings are reputed to be barbaric. Archaeologist Julian Richards believes that English monks exaggerated violence. They were not present during the invasions and may have had political motivations for embellishment.

Scotland and Wales (08:01)

Experts believe Pictish treasures were hidden under an ancient Shetland church in anticipation of invasion. Welsh annals report repeated attacks. Llanbedrgoch excavations reveal a Viking defense structure and skeletons showing violent ends.

Conquests in Ireland (04:34)

Irish annals give accounts of repeated Viking invasions. Archaeologists believe underground tunnels were designed for escape; the 825 raid of the Iona Island monastery included the slaughter of monks.

Credits: The Tyranny of Evidence (00:20)

Credits: The Tyranny of Evidence

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From climate change evidence to cancer scare "facts" we're in love with "the evidence." The Speaker Philosopher and Green politician Rupert Read wants to end the affair.

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