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What is the Meaning of Life? (05:02)


Author Mark Rowlands will explain the meaning of life, though modern philosophy no longer discusses life’s existential issues. Albert Camus says suicide is a confession that life is not worth the trouble; Rowlands argues the meaning of life is what makes it worth the trouble. Rowlands utilizes allegory to discuss his philosophical theory.

Life and Happiness (10:49)

The punishment of Sisyphus in Greek mythology is similar to life’s daily repetition; Camus says Sisyphus loses dignity when the gods manipulate his mind to make him happy. Rowlands explains the intrinsic and extrinsic purposes people have in their lives and especially within work.

Essence of Play (07:44)

Rowlands asserts that Zeus is an example of play which chooses to achieve something in a difficult, inefficient way. Ludwig Wittgenstein asserts play is unexplainable; Bernard Suits claims play consists of elusory attitude and a prelusory goal. Camus states, the meaning of life is what we value intrinsically and not instrumentally.

Credits: The Point of it All (00:20)

Credits: The Point of it All

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We keep searching for life's meaning, but we still have no answer. The Speaker The Philosopher and the Wolf author Mark Rowlands shows us where we might look.

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