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Do We Have a Responsibility to Protect Western Values? (00:32)


Sean Curran introduces the topic of the debate centered on the role morality in foreign conflict.

Credits: Viking Camp and Iron Age Gold (00:46)

Credits: Viking Camp and Iron Age Gold

The Pitch: Lindsey German (03:21)

German claims that military intervention intensifies political and civil unrest. She argues that consequences of war must be taken into account and have motivations outside of strategic interests of the West. She concludes by discussing the importance of listening to those who morally oppose wars rather than governments who initiate them.

The Pitch: Hew Strachan (04:07)

Strachan begins by stating there is a false dichotomy between the idea that war should be necessary and polar opposite that it is always a war of choice. The barrier for going to war needs to be very high; it needs to be seen as unequivocally necessary- whether that's a moral necessity or a national interest necessity.

Theme One: Do We Have a Responsibility to Intervene? (13:49)

Debate participants discuss when it is morally imperative to intervene militarily. German, Strachan, and Collins argue the goals of right effect, abuse of human rights, what acts justify military war, and alternatives to war.

Theme Two: Should the Decisions Be Moral or Based on Our Interests? (13:21)

Strachan, Collins, and German debate whether or not the discussion of military intervention should be rooted in morality or based on our interests.

Theme Three: Can Intervention Bring About a Better World? (10:31)

Collins, German, and Strachan discuss whether or not military intervention can bring about a better world. Collins and Strachan argue that proper intervention can improve circumstances of unrest.

Credits: The Morality of War (00:21)

Credits: The Morality of War

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The Iraq war left us acutely aware of the dangers of intervening in foreign lands. Yet the outrages of Isis have demanded a response. Do we have a responsibility to protect Western values, or is the high ground held by staying out of it? Or is morality irrelevant in foreign affairs and our interest all that matters? The Panel Former chief speechwriter to Tony Blair, Phillip Collins, and military historian Hew Strachan, clash over the prospect of peace with founder of the Stop the War Coalition Lindsey German.

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