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Philosophy Introduction (09:59)


Andrew Bowie, Director of Philosophy at Royal Holloway University, equates philosophy as traditional jazz harmony. He explains that like Thelonious Monk’s jazz, philosophy is seeing the right through what sounds wrong. Metaphysics began as a way to explain how the world operates.

Science and Philosophy (07:17)

Modern science attained the ability to alter the natural world through technology, but Bowie asserts there is no reliable epistemology of this knowledge. Prior to Friedrich Nietzsche, the term Nihilism was adopted by Carl Jacobi. Bowie explains modernism.

Finite Human Life (05:48)

Following the Great War, Martin Heidegger began theorizing that existence is radically finite and art helps one understand human, habitual actions. In “Origin of the Work of Art,” Heidegger claims art uncovers what is hidden in human existence.

Credits: The Art of Imagination (00:21)

Credits: The Art of Imagination

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Is art the ultimate arbiter of truth? The Speaker Philosopher Andrew Bowie shows that reason alone cannot uncover all.

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