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Introduction: Story Time (00:35)


Presenter Stephen Hull introduces the panel of journalists and philosophers. They will discuss the objectivity of news.

The Pitch: Jonathan Calvert (04:05)

Calvert says journalists try to be fair and accurate. He says they are objective to a degree because absolute objective is boring.

The Pitch: John Lloyd (04:03)

Journalist Lloyd says objective journalism does not have to be dull. Lloyd explains how journalism is about stories told in good faith.

The Pitch: Hilary Lawson (04:48)

Philosopher Lawson says objective reporting is a fantasy caused by numerous forces. He explains how journalists, like social scientists, are not able to portray an absolute truth.

Theme One: Can the News Be Neutral and Do We Want It to Be? (13:13)

The panel discusses if readers want objective news. Lloyd says people will read news that reports the opposite of what they would like to see. Calvert says the reporting is based on what the readers, journalists, and the media outlet would like to see.

Theme Two: Do Journalists Set the World's Agenda? (05:19)

The panel discusses the part journalists play in setting the world's agenda. Calvert says journalists set the agenda is some areas but not in most areas.

Theme Three: The Future of News (08:16)

Lawson says all media outlets have bias, but their readers think the reporting is the truth. Lloyd explains that view within liberal and authoritarian versions of media.

Credits: Story Time (00:22)

Credits: Story Time

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We want news to accurately reflect the real world.  But in an age when competing channels with different perspectives are instantly available should we recognize this goal as an illusion? Should we accept that journalists set the world's agenda with their own fictions and fantasies, or is there a framework of objectivity we should require and demand? The Panel Editor of the Sunday Times Insight team Jonathan Calvert, founder of the Reuters Journalism Institute John Lloyd and philosopher and former editor of The World This Week Hilary Lawson examine truth in news. In Association with Huffington Post UK.

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