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Scientific Method (03:56)


Scientist George Ellis says the basis of science is testing theories against data and proving them right or wrong. He explains why some modern scientists are looking to cut back on the number of experiments.

Change to Science (10:17)

Ellis says scaling back the requirement of experiments would cause a major change to science. He explains cosmologists' ideas on falsifiability.

String Theory (05:47)

Ellis says opponents of string theory say it is not a science because it cannot be tested. He explains the multiverse from a philosophical standpoint.

NAA, MIA, and UEA (10:01)

Ellis addresses Richard Darvis' alternative explanations to string theory including the "no alternative argument," the metaphysics induction argument, and the unexpected explanatory coherence argument. He says discoveries using string theory could prove it is a correct theory.

Public Trust in Science (03:51)

Ellis talks about why the debate over the scientific methods matter. He uses climate change and vaccinations as examples.

Credits: Science Under Siege (00:23)

Credits: Science Under Siege

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From many-worlds to the multiverse, does physics still need experiments? The Speaker George Ellis examines the fantasies of contemporary cosmology.

Length: 35 minutes

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