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Opiate Addiction (08:12)


Psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple describes the common public conception of the addictive qualities of opiates. He explains different approaches of viewing addiction.

Withdrawal and Crime (04:54)

Dalrymple says withdrawal symptoms from opiates are minor compared to withdrawal from alcohol addiction. The worse effects come from anxiety stemming from how withdrawal is portrayed in literature and film. He outlines the connection between addiction and crime.

Historical Addiction and Treatment (04:12)

Dalrymple explains different approaches to drug addiction treatment. He outlines the failures in current treatments, such as the use of substitute drugs.

Misconceptions About Heroin Addiction (05:32)

Dalrymple explains the lasting false view of opiate addiction and treatment. He says English romance writers contributed to the misconception.

Credits: Romancing Opiates (00:20)

Credits: Romancing Opiates

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What is the strange allure of opiate addiction? The speaker, author, and former prison psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple argues his personal take on the problems poppies pose.

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