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Should There Be A Universal Goal For Women's Rights? (03:40)


Mary Ann Sieghart introduces panelist members and the topics of the debate.

The Pitch: Myriam Francois-Cerrah (04:02)

Universalism supports the ideology of imperialism and functions as a means of perpetuating cultural, economic, and social hierarchies. Francois-Cerrah rejects the gender-blind model of feminism.

The Pitch: Finn Mackay (04:34)

Mackay defines her version of feminism as a global political movement for the liberation of women and society based on equality for all people. The resurgence of the feminist movement is met by anti-feminist backlash in many forms. Feminism is centered on building a better future for all living beings.

The Pitch: Leena Nair (04:26)

Nair explains why feminism requires the creation of improved terminology to anchor new change. She defines feminism and emphasizes the need for increased opportunity, access, and rights. Feminism varies from country to country and culture and social norms define progress.

The Pitch: Elif Safak (05:10)

Safak discusses the regression of women's rights in Turkey and the Middle East. She explains the need for a global sisterhood that transcends class, ethnic, religious, national, and mental barriers.

Theme One: Are There Universal Moral Values That Should Guide Feminism? (11:08)

Debate participants discuss whether or not there are universal moral values that should guide feminism.

Theme Two: How Can We Achieve Gender Equality in Our Globalized World (09:57)

Safak, Nair, Mackay, and Francois-Cerrah discuss how gender equality can be achieved in our global world. Nair argues that change needs to occur at three levels and panelists discuss levels of change.

Credits: Rethinking Feminism (00:23)

Credits: Rethinking Feminism

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We think feminism fights for equality for everyone. But from the right to wear headscarves to the refusal of contraception, ideas of what is fair and what equality is vary dramatically. Does feminism lack a universal goal because its an impossible dream? Must we recognize feminism means different things in different places or should we all fight for the same thing? Outspoken journalist Myriam Francois-Cerrah, award-winning novelist Elif Safak, feminist activist Finn Mackay, and Unilever Chief HR Officer Leena Nair investigate cross-cultural views of gender equality. Mary Ann Sieghart hosts.

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