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Should We Be Suspicious Of Crowds? (01:49)


Modern society views community as a good thing and condemns individualism; yet, communities are capable of inflicting violence and horror. This debate pits the value of community against the foraging of an individual path. Ritula Shah introduces the panel members.

The Pitch: Charlotte Leslie (02:13)

Communities are beneficial because they share subjective values. However, communities can be dangerous because they exclude those who are different and members presume community behaviors are right.

The Pitch: Phillip Blond (04:39)

Without community, individualism cannot exist. Liberalism has metamorphosed from something that defends differences to a repressive community. Eradicating the communitarian destroys common lives between human beings.

The Pitch: Philip Collins (04:02)

Loose community boundaries are vital. Too restrictive forms of thinking can close communities off and be dangerous. Attachment to a community is essential to personal autonomy and individualism.

Theme One: Are Communities Inherently Conformist? (08:50)

Debate participants discuss whether or not communities are inherently conformist. Leslie argues that communities are essential to society. Blond asserts that individuals are born into communities and Collins refutes by arguing that the individual is primary.

Theme Two: Are Communities Dangerous and Do We Need to Police Them? (13:57)

Blond, Collins, and Leslie debate the dangers of communities and whether or not communities should be policed. Leslie explores the various versions of community. Blond explains that communities become dangerous when they are limited and Collins contributes by adding that voluntary transactions are essential in community.

Theme Three: Can Rebels Lead Us to a Better Life? (12:46)

Leslie, Blond, and Collins debate whether or not rebels can lead us to a better life; do we need individuals to lead us? Rebels can be create their own communities or maintain and alter the community they are in.

Credits: Rebel With a Cause (00:24)

Credits: Rebel With a Cause

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We often see community as good and modern culture as individualistic and self-centered. Yet from Salem to Auschwitz, Rwanda to Yugoslavia, communities are capable of horrors. Should we be suspicious of crowds and encourage rebels to keep the pack at bay? Or is solidarity with our fellow humans the way to a better life? The Panel Former chief speechwriter to Prime Minister Tony Blair, Philip Collins, regular presenter of The World Tonight and PM Ritula Shah, political theorist, theologian and leading proponent of "Red Toryism" Phillip Blond, and Conservative Party MP Charlotte Leslie debate the merits of community.

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