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Introduction: The Puzzle of Progress (00:31)


Presenter Barry C. Smith introduces the panel of experts, who will discuss topics of technological advancement. They will talk about if the advancement has made society better.

Christopher Hamilton: The Pitch (05:20)

Philosopher Hamilton says society is the beneficiary of technological advancement, but not all of it is positive. He says most technology is a distraction from human consciousness.

Serena Kutchinsky: The Pitch (04:52)

Digital journalist Kutchinsky says technology creates a pressure for people to have perfect online lives. She says social media is having a negative effect on mental health.

Bruce Parry: The Pitch (04:28)

Documentarian Parry talks about his time spent within indigenous communities that do not have modern technology. He talks about the projection of romance onto different ways of life.

What Would a Good Life Look Like? (10:23)

The panel discusses if technology makes for a good life or not. Kutchinsky says a good life depends on the ability to choose to use the technology that is available. Hamilton talks about humans’ poor decision making skills in relation to technology.

Why Are the Most Progressed Societies Still Dissatisfied? (05:50)

The panel discusses if one definition of the good life is acceptable for a society because of individual differences. Parry talks about the strength of accepting but not placing a value on difference.

Would Abandoning Material Benefit Lead to Richer and Fuller Lives (14:11)

The panel discusses if giving up technology and material goods would lead to a better life. They talk about different ways of achieving happiness amid technology.

Credits: The Puzzle of Progress (00:20)

Credits: The Puzzle of Progress

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The Puzzle of Progress

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Western culture is a story of technological advance, medical miracles, and material progress. But depression and suicide rates have oddly not diminished. Why have advances not brought us the good life? Is technology and material benefit irrelevant to our inner being or should we be more thankful for the riches we have? The Panel Barry C. Smith asks philosopher and author of Middle Age Christopher Hamilton, digital editor of Newsweek Serena Kutchinsky and explorer Bruce Parry how far we have come.

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