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Introduction: Of Lies and Necessities (01:51)


Presenter Peter Curran introduces the panel of philosophers. They will discuss the necessity of lying and the possibility of complete honesty.

Deception (04:26)

Psychologist Sophie Van der Zee explains deception research and the questions it asks about lying. She says most people agree that lying is bad but tell social lies.

Truth (05:32)

Philosopher Rae Langton explains the value of telling the truth and why it should hinder people from lying. She talks about the difference between lying and misleading.

Consequences (05:37)

Philosopher Tom Sorrell outlines the consequences of lying, such as spreading false information. He says lying can be a form a manipulation to serve a self-interest.

Purpose of Lying (07:23)

The panel discusses the purpose of lying and how it can be positive. Sorrell provides examples of when lying is positive. Langton talks about people's right to the truth.

Cost-Benefit Terms (10:21)

Langton explains the danger of thinking about lying in cost-benefit terms. Sorrell says it is impossible to always assess the cost-benefit before telling a lie. Van der Zee says most lies are not for selfish reasons.

Internet (08:00)

The panel talks about how modern society and the development of the internet have made people more dishonest. Sorrell says anonymity promotes dishonesty.

Credits: Of Lies and Necessities (00:24)

Credits: Of Lies and Necessities

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Of Lies and Necessities

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From lying politicians to dishonest lovers, we judge deception harshly and demand honesty and truth as core values. Yet small and not-so-small lies have a habit of creeping into our lives. Is it possible to be completely honest - and would it be desirable? Is lying a necessity for life or should we insist on honesty as a means for social cohesion and trusting relationships? The Panel Peter Curran trusts Cambridge feminist philosopher Rae Langton, Warwick professor of Philosophy and Politics Tom Sorrell and Cambridge post-doctoral researcher Sophie Van der Zee to give honest answers.

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