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Introduction: Moral Animals and Our Place in the Universe (01:48)


Presenter Angela Saini introduces the panel of social scientists. They will discuss topics of morality and if it is a trait only humans have.

The Pitch: Oliver Scott Curry (03:40)

Evolutionary psychologist Curry says morality is about cooperation and natural selection has favored cooperative genes. He explains that humans have a heightened ability to act cooperatively, which leads to morality.

The Pitch: Tom Sorrell (03:21)

Philosopher Sorrell says evolutionary theory cannot fully explain morality. He explains that morality consists of ethical concepts about life that do not come from biological sources.

The Pitch: Colin Tudge (04:48)

Naturalist Tudge applies the ideas of morality to animals. He compares morality and cooperation. He says morality involves a choice.

Theme One: Are Good and Bad the Outcome of Evolution? (08:28)

The panel discusses the gaps in the scientific understanding of morality. Sorrell explains that there can be a philosophic understanding of morality, such as why basic ideas of right and wrong are the same throughout different cultures.

Theme Two: Is Morality Unique to Humans? (14:28)

The panel discusses if animals exhibit morality. Tudge says research has found that animal behavior does include morality. Curry says there is a shifting meaning of morality, which could apply to animals.

Theme Three: What Does This Mean for Society and Ourselves? (06:59)

The panel talks about the implications if animals are moral creatures. Tudge says it would require humans to give up their arrogance toward animals. The panel discusses the ethics of human treatment of animals.

Credits: Moral Animals and Our Place in the Universe (00:19)

Credits: Moral Animals and Our Place in the Universe

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Moral Animals and Our Place in the Universe

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We think of morality as being uniquely human. Yet some evolutionary biologists claim that animals exhibit moral behavior. Is morality an evolved behavior and not especially human after all? If so, is good and bad the outcome of evolution, or is morality written into the universe from the outset? The Panel Oxford Evolutionary Psychologist Oliver Scott Curry, naturalist and broadcaster Colin Tudge and Warwick Politics and Philosophy professor Tom Sorrell debate the evolution of morality. Angela Saini hosts.

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