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Are Psychiatric Diagnoses Real? (01:12)


Ritula Shah starts the panel discussion by posing the guiding questions related to psychiatric diagnoses and the effect of abandoning diagnoses altogether. Shah introduces panelists Richard Bentall, Dinesh Bhugra, and David Healy.

The Pitch: Richard Bentall (01:29)

Bentall argues that psychiatric classification, as they exist today, do not work. He believes a focus on individual types of problems and experiences will improve clinical treatment and understanding of mental disorders.

The Pitch: Dinesh Bhugra (01:55)

Bhugra argues that classification of psychiatric disorders is innate in human behavior; however, psychiatry should focus on illness rather than diseases.

The Pitch: David Healy (01:57)

Unlike Bentall and Bhugra, Healy believes that power is central to mental health care. He argues that diagnoses are based on the pharmaceutical industry.

Theme One: Psychiatric Classifications (10:57)

Bentall, Bhugra, and Healy respond to Shah's questions related to the development of psychiatric classifications. Bentall responds by asserting that clinical concepts act as blunt instruments that obscure underlying problems of psychiatric disorders. Bhugra criticizes the removal of cultural concepts in diagnosis and Healy argues that the overreach of pharmaceutical industries runs classification.

Theme Two: Is Treatment Improving? (15:15)

Bhugra, Bentall, and Healy discuss whether or not the treatments for psychological disorders are improving. Debate participants comment on self-diagnosis, the narrow range of clinical psychology, and a lack of therapeutic judgment. Bentall and Bhugra assert improved treatment stems from social change while Healy argues reduced pharmaceutical involvement will improve treatment.

Theme Three: The Future of Mental Health (04:46)

Healy, Bentall, and Bhugra discuss the future of mental health and the possible changes to the field. Bentall and Healy argue change will come from vocal health consumer movements. Bhugra advocates for improved medical professional training.

Credits: Madness Incorporated (00:22)

Credits: Madness Incorporated

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From depression to bipolar disorder, we think psychiatric diagnoses are real. Yet many now argue that categories of mental illness have little basis in nature. Is it time to abandon psychiatry and its classifications? Would this usher in a new era of effective health care or cause widespread harm? The panel President-elect of the World Psychiatric Association Dinesh Bhugra, radical psychiatrist David Healy and clinical psychologist Richard Bentall debate the future of psychiatry.

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