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Life, the Universe, and Everything (02:07)


Gabrielle Walker introduces her panel of experts and explains their credentials.

Sandu Popescu: The Pitch (02:16)

Popescu explains that scientists will never know if they have learned everything about the universe and compares it to playing chess.

Rufus Duits: The Pitch (04:04)

Duits describes how science is created using presupposed assumptions and provides examples.

David Malone: The Pitch (03:47)

Malone explains how theories regarding the universe have multiplied in recent years. Science is at a point where there will be a breakthrough in a few years that changes how individuals perceive the universe.

Is a Theory of Everything Possible? (13:45)

Popescu explains that scientists now believe there is a gap in scientific theory. The theory of microscopic particles explains chemistry, electricity, the property of materials, and nuclear forces. Duits describes how human consciousness will not be described by a grand unified theory of the universe.

Is Reality Beyond the Reach of Theory? (14:29)

Popescu describes how scientists can test whether rules change over time by making assertions as specific as possible. Duits questions what reality means. Malone asks whether human consciousness is only a result of particle physics.

Should We Abandon Grand Theories? (09:09)

Duits describes how he believes human beings respond to mathematical computations. Popescu feels that theoretical physicists should continue to examine a theory of everything. Malone thinks that scientists should create open theories, acknowledging that it could change.

Credits: Life, the Universe and Everything (00:21)

Credits: Life, the Universe and Everything

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Life, the Universe and Everything

Part of the Series : Institute of Art and Ideas: Cutting Edge Debates and Talks from the World's Leading Thinkers (Series 2)
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Philosophers have always sought grand theories to explain the world's mystery. And Stephen Hawking once predicted that science would have its own Theory of Everything by 2000. Yet we are no closer to an answer. Are we necessarily limited and reality beyond reach or is a solution just round the corner? The Panel Quantum physicist Sandu Popescu, philosopher Rufus Duits and independent filmmaker David Malone envisage an ultimate theory of everything. Gabrielle Walker hosts.

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