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Gandhi vs. Guevara: Meet the Panelists (03:15)


BBC radio presenter Peter Curran frames the debate and introduces Greenpeace director John Sauven, London Feminist Network founder Finn Mackay and "The Lives of Others" author Neel Mukherjee.

Neel Mukherjee: the Pitch (04:44)

Mukherjee discusses factors in India's 1947 independence and provides an example of state violence against Gandhi's non-violent movement. Several social reform struggles have had violent elements, and were labeled as terrorism at one time.

John Sauven: the Pitch (05:16)

Sauven lists similarities between Gandhi and Guevara, including their visions of social justice. Gandhi said that non-violence is more challenging than violence; learn about his civil disobedience methods.

Finn Mackay: the Pitch (05:16)

Mackay discusses situational pacifism in the U.K. and non-violent direct action involving violence against property. She discusses her experience in a peace camp outside a military base and argues for using relative civil freedom to take action for social justice.

Can Violence Ever be Justified? (13:39)

Mukherjee cites the London Riots against systemic inequality as an example where violence was justified; looting was an unfortunate byproduct. He believes state repression only breeds further action. Sauven argues that peaceful democratic action through symbolism is more successful.

Is Violence Necessary? (04:37)

Mukherjee says Gandhi was racist against Black South Africans and argues that democratic revolutions need violence. Mackay discusses the state's role in disabling progressive and unifying leaders.

Can Violence Produce Lasting Change? (04:25)

Mackay says the Iraq War protests were successful in mobilizing mass resistance. Sauven argues that peaceful action is more likely to produce a better democratic and social outcome than armed revolution.

Credits: Gandhi vs. Guevara (00:21)

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Gandhi's principle of non-violence made him the father of a nation. But it is Che Guevara whose face has come to represent liberty, justice, and revolution. Whose fantasies play the bigger part in shaping our reality? Does the pacifism of Gandhi or the passion of Che have the greatest power to change the world? The Panel Greenpeace director John Sauven, London Feminist Network founder Finn Mackay and author of The Lives of Others Neel Mukherjee debate the road to revolution.

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