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Introduction: End of the West (02:27)


Presenter Rana Mitter introduces the panel of economists and political theorists. They will discuss if the dominance of western civilization is coming to an end.

The Pitch: Stephen King (04:07)

Economist King says numerous countries have succeeded economically without the western model of liberal democracy. He outlines how economic growth has slowed in the west.

The Pitch: William Kymlicka (04:25)

Political theorist Will Kymlicka says the west has a sense of entitlement that it was destined to have a free society and lead the world. He says if the west is declining the idea will have to be undermined.

The Pitch: Clare Short (04:07)

Politician Short points out that the west should not feel threatened by the rise of other countries. She says it should be shriving for equality between all nations.

Theme One: Is the West at the Forefront of Global Culture? (13:08)

The panelists discuss military intervention in places like Iraq and Afghanistan; Short says the policies are filled with contradictions and ineffective. They discuss the success of non-democratic governments in decreasing poverty; King says economic success has been unfairly linked with liberal democracy. They talk about the possibility of China transitioning to democracy.

Theme Two: Is European Culture Being Eclipsed? (10:16)

The panelists discuss the sustainability of the western model of democracy in a globalized world. Kymlicka talks about the connection between economic growth and liberal democracy.

Theme Three: The Future of the World (08:01)

King talks about the longevity of institutions, such as welfare, in western civilization. He says predicted future growth has not happened and decreased the tax revue needed for those institutions.

Credits: End of the West (00:23)

Credits: End of the West

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For 300 years European culture has dominated the world stage. But In 2014 China became the world's largest economy. India is hot on its heels. Their cultural and political influence will follow. Can we find a way to stay at the leading edge of global culture? Or is the brief European age coming to a close? The Panel HSBC Chief Economist and author of Losing Control, Stephen King, Labour politician Clare Short and Canadian political philosopher Will Kymlicka dispute the world's future.

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