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Dance of Life: Introduction (00:43)


Philosophy lecturer Robert Rowland Smith frames the discussion on the nature of experience.

David Chalmers: the Pitch (03:36)

Chalmers interprets experience as consciousness, or subjective awake time. He believes it gives our lives meaning, although our scientific understanding of the world is objective. He says there can be unconscious perception.

Susana Martinez-Conde: the Pitch (03:51)

Martinez-Conde says experience is generated in the brain, which is part of the physical universe, and does not necessarily match reality. Reality is the product of electrochemical activity—whether dreaming or waking.

Peter Hacker: the Pitch (05:26)

Hacker analyzes what is meant by the material world and how the concept of experience is used in the debate. He sees experiences as human doings and under goings; they neither belong nor do not belong to the material world.

What is Experience and Why is it Mysterious? (13:35)

Chalmers says neuroscience has yet to identify the neural correlate of consciousness bridging the subjective to the objective. Martinez-Conde discusses attempts to determine how the brain creates perceptions of reality. Hacker says philosophy clarifies conceptual structures; most experiences have no affective character.

Is Art or Science Better for Understanding Experience? (09:37)

Chalmers argues that colors have subjective characters; Impressionist paintings imitate the visual experience. Martinez-Conde has studied illusory perception and advocates collaboration between arts and science. Hacker says neither neuroscience nor philosophy can explain certain human experiences.

Should We Give Up Trying to Understand Experience? (05:16)

Chalmers believes understanding something changes your experience of it. Martinez-Conde argues that knowledge does not ruin experience. Hacker cautions against using the word "experience;" he seeks understanding in appropriate disciplines.

Credits: Dance of Life (00:22)

Credits: Dance of Life

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Our life is made up of experiences. But what experience is remains a mystery. Heidegger thought it inexplicable and neuroscientists cannot find its location. Do we just need a better theory to uncover its secrets?  Or is experience somehow both all that we have and yet not part of this world? The Panel Hard problem of consciousness formulator David Chalmers, Oxford philosopher Peter Hacker and New York neuroscientist Susana Martinez-Conde debate the mystery of experience.

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