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Nature of Consciousness (02:51)


Theologist Rupert Sheldrake says materialism believes humans are the only conscious beings in the universe and it develops unconsciously. He says all religions are based on consciousness being the basis of reality.

Spiritual Experience (06:39)

Sheldrake says spiritual experiences are within people's minds, but the question is if it is only in someone's mind or not. He says the explanation is determined by how they are evaluated. He explains the historical context of the divine mind.

Panpsychism (06:56)

Sheldrake says the debate about consciousness and religion has led to a revival of panpsychism. It is the idea that there is a universal mind.

Near-Death Experience (04:13)

Sheldrake explains near-death experiences from a materialism and religious viewpoint. He talks about the concept of being born-again in religions and how people feel connected to a global consciousness. He talks about the possible need for spiritual experiences.

Sacred Places (09:03)

Sheldrake talks about the power of sacred places. He says the thought that they are a connection to the heavens is because of lightning. He talks about the practice of pilgrimages.

Credits: Cycles of Wonder (00:22)

Credits: Cycles of Wonder

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Can Science revive spirituality? The speaker, The Science Delusion author Rupert Sheldrake, explores a new paradigm of science and religion.

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