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Technology and The Human Race (01:54)


Victoria Turk introduces the theme of the debate- human enhancements and welcomes Anders Sandberg, Richard Morgan, and Nicky Ashwell. Each panelist will spend three minutes discussing future technology.

The Pitch: Anders Sandberg (03:16)

Humans are able to communicate issues and convert solutions into technological advances. Vaccinations allow us to plan for long life spans. Sandberg wonders if technology can improve without human being involvement.

The Pitch: Richard Morgan (02:49)

Morgan writes dystopian fiction and tends to be cynical when thinking about the future, but is far more optimistic than 20 years ago. In his lifetime, scientists have learned about social interactions, genetics, behavior, and government. Humans tend to misuse technology.

The Pitch: Nicky Ashwell (01:13)

Ashwell believes humans will struggle with changes that technology brings, especially with regards to human enhancements.

Theme 1: What Does It Mean to Be Human? (11:22)

Humans tend to disparage or advocate for technological advances using morals. Sandberg explains how humans can change themselves unlike animals. Morgan feels worrying about technology is unwarranted because future generations will adapt and cope.

Theme 2: Should We Enhance Ourselves? (13:44)

Ashwell considers her prosthetic an adaptation not an enhancement; everyone enhances themselves using vaccinations or prescription drugs. Francis Fukuyama argues that human beings may lose core pieces of themselves if they modify too much. Morgan weighs the benefits and drawbacks of designer babies.

Theme 3: What Does the Future Hold? (12:00)

Panelists discuss future technologies such as gene therapy, cyborg technology, organic prosthetics, boats that resemble red blood cells, microchip implants, and prescription drugs. New startup companies will start exploring biotechnologies.

Credits: Brave New Horizon (00:20)

Credits: Brave New Horizon

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Designer babies and human enhancement were once confined to fiction. Now biotechnology allows designer genetics, and many already choose the sex of their children. Where will this technology lead the human race? Should we be nervous of the ability to enhance ourselves or embrace an exciting new future for humankind? The Panel Science fiction author Richard Morgan, Oxford University professor Anders Sandberg, and bebionic hand user Nicky Ashwell debate the future of humanity.

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