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Introduction: Beyond Knowledge (01:59)


Presenter Joanna Kavenna introduces the panel of philosophers. They will discuss the boundaries of knowledge and human discovery.

The Pitch: Hilary Lawson (05:19)

Lawson says philosophy has moved from the notice of humans' ability for knowledge to their inability for knowledge. He says people cannot give up on the search for knowledge even if they cannot obtain it.

The Pitch: Ray Brassier (04:08)

Brassier says skepticism shows that knowledge is only possible if it has a secure foundation. He says knowledge is context-relative but that does not make it impossible to know something.

The Pitch: Michela Massimi (02:53)

Massimi says there are difference kinds of knowledge that help humans understand the world around them. She says the question for philosophers should not be if knowledge exists but how it exists.

Theme One: What is Knowledge? (13:43)

The panelists discuss knowledge and the forms in which it can exist. Massimi talks about the differences between human and animal knowledge. Lawson says there are no categories of knowledge.

Theme Two: How is Knowledge Limited? (10:36)

The panelists discuss the limits of knowledge and how it relates to self-reference. Massimi says knowledge is contextual and can be limited within a context. Lawson says all knowledge is useful.

Theme Three: Should We Escape the Pursuit of Knowledge (15:06)

The panelists discuss if the pursuit of knowledge should be abandoned because it is unknowable. Brassier says absolute knowledge and understanding is not necessary.

Credits: Beyond Knowledge (00:24)

Credits: Beyond Knowledge

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The quest for knowledge has driven progress and led us from the savannah to the stars. Yet knowledge is limited by culture, language, and our human constraints. Is knowledge an illusion, a straight-jacket we should escape to discover new worlds? Or is the pursuit of definitive knowledge vital to our future? The Panel Philosopher and author of Nihil Unbound Ray Brassier, postmodernist Hilary Lawson, and philosopher of science Michela Massimi uncover the limits of knowledge

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