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Beyond Borders: Introduction (01:21)


Presenter Roger Bolton introduces the panel of politicians and political theorists. They will discuss the function of political borders.

The Pitch: Chandran Kukathas (04:11)

Kukathas talks about the notice of borders and border control. Border control is more about controlling what people do when they are inside a border than stopping them from crossing.

The Pitch: Jon Cruddas (02:01)

Cruddas talks about the importance of people having an identity tied to a sense of place. Countries and borders provide that sense, which relates to how people act politically.

The Pitch: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (01:58)

The theory of globalization and a globalized world only applies to people who have the means to access it. There is not a sense of place but a focus on money and industry.

Does Migration Threaten Our Democracy? (09:14)

The panelists discuss the privileges some countries provide and if they have the right to defend that privilege. Kukathas states liberal democracy should not limit those inside its borders to a certain way of thinking.

Do We Need Borders and Nations? (09:36)

Kukathas discusses using a selective immigration policy within a country and the potential dangers. Alibhai-Brown talks about the power of the state and its ability to monitor and control who is within its borders.

How Should We Respond to the Refugee Crisis? (09:12)

The panelists consider possible policies. Alibhai-Brown talks about the importance of treating refugees like any other immigrant.

Credits: Beyond Borders (00:23)

Credits: Beyond Borders

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The nation, the tribe, the union, are all sources of strength. But they are also a means to entrench advantage and exclude others. Are borders and boundaries really about privilege? Should we strengthen them so we have greater power and status, or remove them to create a fairer world? The Panel Independent columnist and author of Exotic England Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Labour politician Jon Cruddas and LSE political theorist Chandran Kukathas look beyond borders.

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