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Tour of World Journalism: Russia (04:59)


John Llyod describes progressive state control over journalism in Russia. He explains the impact of state control on themes of pluralism, anarchism, and investigative journalism.

Tour of World Journalism: China (06:35)

The advent of Xi Jinping has been accompanied by state control over journalism by returning to Moa's doctrine and communist control. Llyod describes the transformation of journalism under different Chinese leaders.

Tour of World Journalism: Middle East (03:14)

The press and television in the Middle East are muddled with political influence and state control. Some countries such as Syria, Libya, and Iraq have media sources held hostage by wars while others have some freedom.

Tour of World Journalism: India (05:03)

Although India has a free, independent press, the definition of free is skewed; however, the owners of media production project their agendas. These agendas do not always oppress the media. Instead, they act as leavers for political power.

The Future Of Journalism (04:21)

Llyod explores the impacts of the internet on journalism and print media production and predicts the emergence of niche journalism. He explores the future of quality journalism in an information-rich environment.

Credits: After the News (00:22)

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Between tweeting presidents and government censorship are we witnessing the end of news? The speaker and award-winning journalist John Lloyd forecasts the future.

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