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A Philosophy of Confidence: Introduction (04:36)


Rowland Manthorpe explains his journey in understanding the philosophy of confidence and writing his book.

Confidence and Nietzsche (03:45)

The core of Fredrick Nietzsche’s philosophy is individual self-expression. Manthorpe dissects Nietzsche’s definition of confidence.

Importance of Confidence (05:10)

Manthorpe explores the historical and philosophical background associated with Nietzsche's theory of confidence.

How to Gain Confidence (04:10)

Nietzsche's life reflects a path to confidence by living philosophical principles. Confidence can be achieved by being unencumbered, free, and self-fulfilling.

Problems With Confidence (04:18)

Manthorpe outlines how confidence can make an individual lonely, cruel, and unstable. Confidence is a process rather than a perpetual state.

Critical Look At Confidence (02:54)

Manthorpe addresses how confidence can be replaced with a model of collaboration. Collaboration, rather than individualism, leads to a more fulfilled life.

Credits: A Philosophy of Confidence (00:31)

Credits: A Philosophy of Confidence

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Nietzsche famously said 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger', but how should we deal with failure? The speaker, author, and Wired editor Rowland Manthorpe declares war on defeat.

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